Greetings, humanoids, and welcome back to Wormwood Laboratories! As you can see, we've been busy while you've gone! Many nights of torturous toil have gone into the rebirth of this website, which has endured for 20+ years of extremity and escapades! If this is the first time you've laid eyes on the Weird World of Wormwood, welcome! We are a website that specializes in underground music (mostly but not always of the metal variety), cult film, paranormal weirdness and the occasional dip into pro wrestling, conventions and off the wall opinion. It's gnarly, it's rough around the edges, but hell, somebody must like it or it wouldn't have lasted 21 years!

You can find the 5000 plus album reviews, 600 plus interviews, tons of film articles, concert reviews and delvings into the paranormal at the WORMWOOD ARCHIVE LINK, where our past is immortalized for all time! But after so long in our old format, it's a breath of freshly rotten air to have this new, streamlined look. We plan on filling this new site with all sorts of cool stuff, including interviews with NUNSLAUGHTER, WITHERED, etc., etc. as well as tons of album reviews in our notorious Torture Chamber. At the top right you will see links for the Interview and Torture Chamber sections, while the "More" heading will reveal other departments! We plan on wasting no time filling up all of these sections.

Keep an eye here every week, as we will keep you up to date on the latest depravity! STAY SICK, WORM-FIENDS!


We kick off the new version of Wormwood with a blast of unholy hellfire straight out of Cleveland! The nefarious NUNSLAUGHTER pays us a visit...more specifically, I chat to DON OF THE DEAD! Don fills me in on this diabolical institution and the transition they had to make after the tragic passing of long time drummer JIM SADIST! They also have a new album out "Red Is the Color of Ripping Death" which they can give us the lowdown on! Throw your cross away and join us for the chat HERE!

Coming up soon will be my talk with Wisconsin's rising thrash stars TOXIC RUIN and also an in-depth look at the cult science fiction film "Creation of the Humanoids"! Lots more is coming soon so stay tuned. You can click on the Archive link above to access over 20 years of Wormwood craziness!

And yes, the ever-lovin' TORTURE CHAMBER is also back, with a massive dump of metallic goodness for you to peruse...

DARKTHRONE "Eternal Hails"

TOMBSTONER "Victims of Vile Torture"

CRYPTA "Echoes of the Soul"

HEAVY WATER "Red Brick City"

MONSTER MAGNET "A Better Dystopia"



CLARK COLBORN "Obscurotica"

SKEPTICISM "Companion"


Sheboygan, Wisconsin! The home of freshwater surfing and bratwurst. And now also the home of TOXIC RUIN! This energetic young thrash/death metal band calls the city on the lake home and they've just unleashed their second album, "Nightmare Eclipse". With the right blend of ferocity and technicality, this sucker shows they are worthy to join the next level of underground metal supremacy. A fitting time for us to hook up with drummer DAVE MILLER, who gives us an enthusiastic run-down of all things TOXIC-related. Put your hazmat suit on and read more HERE...

Lots of cool things swirling around at the updated Wormwood Chronicles. Look out for a chat with long running Atlanta sludge metallers WITHERED coming up very soon. Other bands soon to appear here are Chicago's black/death warriors WITHERING SOUL, Irish doom merchants SLOMATICS and Star Trek obsessed death metallers ZETAR! We also have a look at the cult sci fi classic "Creation of the Humanoids" and for the first time in a long time, we're getting a new wrestling article in "Over the Top Rope", dealing with my recent trip to a taping of AEW Dynamite in Chicago. As always, lots of other stuff in the works...

And no, we haven't forgotten about this week's Torture Chamber...here we go!


WITHERED "Verloren"

HINSIDES "Under Betlehems Brinnande Stjarna"

DEE SNIDER "Leave A Scar"

AZIOLA CRY "The Ironic Divide"

ASHEN "Godless Oath"


This week, Wormwood journeys to a post-atomic dystopia to examine one of the strangest movies ever made...1962's "Creation of the Humanoids"! This odd low budget film takes place after a devastating atomic war when mankind is on the verge of extinction. Despite that, he's created a race of humanoid robots to perform labor for him. The question is, are the robots really serving mankind...or are they out to replace it? It's the first Philm Phreaks article for the new age of Wormwood...check it out HERE!

The devious brain of Dr. Mality is already looking ahead to the next freaky film article here...I can tell you that this time we're hitting the dusty highways of the desert Southwest in search of "WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS"...

This week's Torture Chamber brings us classic rock, a father-son German metal team up and one of the best thrash records in many years...


ENFORCED "Kill Grid"

VENEFIXION "A Sigh From Below"

MORDRED "The Dark Parade"

CACTUS "Tightrope"

FELL HARVEST "Pale Light In A Dying World"