By Dr. Abner Mality

The whacked out cover art of this sucker gives you a hint of the strangeness to be found within. DEFECT DESIGNER comes from the fjords of Norway and has come up with a kind of grindcore that has so many quirks and different influences that it’s hard to describe. From start to finish, “Neanderthal” will have your head spinning and I think this time around that the short running time is a virtue. 50 minutes of this craziness would have me plum tuckered out, but 25-30 minutes is just about right.

Where do I start with this? Yes, grindcore is the predominant style, but wow, do DEFECT DESIGNER pack a lot of craziness into that style. Don’t expect a blow by blow description by me here, but there are parts here that groove and skank in addition to utter blasting mayhem. There are gnarly death metal riffs and occasional drops into slow tempos, but you can also hear straight up rock n roll lead guitar and even bluesy and jazz touches. The bass is crazy and in no way takes a back seat to the leads. It bubbles and stews in its own world while the two guitarists throw everything they’ve got at you. There are parts that are white noise and others that have a soaring, almost spacious feel. As for vocals, they also are varied, although deep grunts predominate.

Despite the intense experimentation, there is a remarkable catchiness to be found throughout. This is a band that worked hard not only to be different, but to be different in a way that you can comprehend. That’s an important point to make. It is extreme and extremely unusual. Pick it up if you like intense sounds that are off the wall.