DEATHSIEGE “Throne of Heresy”

By Dr. Abner Mality

DEATHSIEGE from Israel are on a quest to turn the Holy Land into the UNHoly Land. “Throne of Heresy” is a declaration of war on Jehovah and his flock and hits as hard as a kamikaze drone. It’s not even close to being anything unique or progressive in the death metal realm, but the band is comfortable with that. This is blasting hyperspeed death metal in the vein of ANGELCORPSE and early KRISIUN.

It’s a voracious onslaught that sounds like chaotic noise to start with but which settles down into more coherent yet still brutal riffing. They are refreshingly upfront about their desire to create carnage. The songs are pretty short, with some less than 2 minutes in duration, and all are fast. Once in a while, some industrial noise pops up to break things up and the dungeon synth instrumental “Satanic Tyranny” serves as a divider for the album. As far as production goes, DEATHSIEGE pretty much nails it. This has got a clear yet vicious sound to it that lets you hear all instruments without a lot of muck and murk.

It’s hard for any one track to stand out when everything is such a blitzkrieg but I identified “Harbingers of Finality”, “Smear Campaign Triumph Eternal” and “Unworthy Adversary” as cuts where the structure and riffing was more notable. It’s all more Satanic and war-like than the legions of Baal and if you seek evil over the top death metal, you will be plunged into Gehennah with “Throne of Heresy”.