TITHE “Inverse Rapture”

By Dr. Abner Mality

In just the first few seconds of “Anthropogenic Annihilation” I could tell TITHE were big fans of IMMOLATION. The ominous twisted riffs of the song reek of the same approach the New York death metal legends are known for. Well, there are sure many worse bands to draw inspiration from.

“Inverse Rapture” is a brief and to the point album that  combines the almost Gothic death metal of IMMOLATION with some straight grinding brutality. “Demon” and “Luciferian Pathways of the Forked Tongue” are short, brutish and nasty grind. I prefer more of the doomier, more riff-centric approach of the title track and “Parasite”. Even in their faster moments, there’s a feeling of absolute doom and desolation to them. TITHE experiment with a longer track, “Killing Time”, and its effectiveness is debatable...for me, it was just too long.

The album is satisfying American death metal with touches of doom and blackness to its sound, but like so many releases these days, it doesn’t move the death metal needle at all. Profound Lore generally has quality bands, though, and TITHE is one. Hope they can grow and expand…