0N0 "Unwavering Resonance"

By Dr. Abner Mality

0N0 (which I have an overwhelming urge to pronounce as "oh no") sure wants us all to know that they are DIFFERENT. This Slovakian unit is pursuing a musical path unlike any other metal band. Or so it is said.

The truth is a bit different. Though they mix together several kinds of modern metal, I can't say that "Unwavering Resonance" is a paradigm-shifting breakthrough in the musical world. Their biggest influence is obviously coming from post-metal bands such as CULT OF LUNA, but mixed with the dissonance and aggression of MESHUGGAH and bands of that ilk. There are moments where dissonant doominess mixes with a kind of ethereal melody....not a switch between dissonant and melodic, but both at the same time. One such moment comes in the midst of the massive opening cut "Clay Weight". But even this kind of reminds me of DISEMBOWELMENT...and they were doing it 30 years ago.

"Shattering" is straight brutality at half the length...not in the typical style of death metal, but in the more modern polyrhythmic sense ala MESHUGGAH. The title track brings clean vocals into the fray and they actually sound pretty cool. But then it's back to death grunts. The cut is a sandwich of the crunch of "Shattering" and more melodic post metal styles. Last track "Wander the Vacant Twilight" is just straight post metal in usual mellow/hard style. Nothing unique about it at all.

There are some moments here where 0N0 grope towards their own sound, but on the whole, this is nowhere near as revolutionary as they think.