EXTIRPATION "The Endless Storm"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Let's check in with Chaos Records and a couple of mini-albums released by up and coming extreme metallers.

Wow, it doesn't get much more extreme than DEHISCENCE, who specialized in primitive grindcore just one shade below white noise. They are utterly distorted grind that reminds me a lot of some of the pioneering bands of the 90's, especially ones from California. It's so distorted that it's kind of hard to pick up a riff on any of the tracks here and if you do grab onto one, it doesn't tend to stick in your head for very long. That's not to say that pure savagery sometimes can't carry the day alone, but to be honest,, DEHISCENCE is not at that level. It is mean, ugly and over the top, with tracks called "Lobotomized At Birth", "Leperphiliac" and "Animal Abuse". If that's all you're looking for, dig in, but I need a bit more.

EXTIRPATION from Italy are playing a different game, a kind of black/thrash hybrid that tries for some more epic than normal moments. The band leader Darak plays bass and man, you can sure tell he was in charge at the production board. The bass overwhelms the guitars so much here that the guitars fade into the background and sound a million miles away. They are trying for a "crude" production ala old 80's German thrash, but this is a botched job and it makes "The Endless Storm" tough to listen to. I can hear some strong riffs, or rather, they would be strong if the guitars had any power. The sound just hurts the album. Better luck next time, EXTIRPATION.

These guys both need some work...