VIO-LENCE “Let The World Burn”

By Theron Moore

Is the new VIO-LENCE EP worth checking out? Hell yes, it’s great! In fact, it’s the best pure thrash album since SLAYER’s last record, many, many moons ago. “Let The World Burn” is a five-song EP set to drop March 4 via Metal Blade Records, their first new music in 29 years. Need cardio music at the gym? “Let The World Burn” will fill that need.

I’ll be transparent, I’ve never been a fan of Sean Killian’s vocals but on this EP, I wouldn’t have anyone else singing. His intensity level is off the hook angry, and he spits to the mic like a viper striking its prey. Factor in founding guitarist Phil Demmel and VIO-LENCE newbie and ex-OVERKILL guitarist Bobby Gustafson, you’ve got dynamite in a bottle. Their former bands may claim to have been “robbed,” but VIO-LENCE came out the winner. Original drummer Perry Strickland and former FEAR FACTORY bassist Christian Olde Wolbers round out the lineup.

From a sonic standpoint, VIO-LENCE are coloring inside the lines on “Let The World Burn”... that is, if you’re expecting brutal, stripped down thrash, that’s exactly what you’re getting. Normally I’d list one or two songs that stand out the most, but that’s not the case with “Let The World Burn”. All five songs on this EP rage; there isn’t a single track you’ll find yourself skipping through.

A big question a lot of metal fans might have is, does this record track with VIO-LENCE’s classic discography, especially “Eternal Nightmare”? The answer is yes. In fact, it’s the perfect hybrid between what VIO-LENCE were doing in the late 80’s / early 90’s and who they are now, because this lineup is bang on stellar and everyone brought something unique to the table with this disc.

Check out official videos for "Let The World Burn," "Flesh From Bone," and a cover of the DEAD KENNEDY’s classic, "California Uber Alles" streaming on YouTube right now. After you do that, pre-order this record from Metal Blade. I have no problem stating that this is, and will be, the best thrash record of 2022. If you’re in Chicago May 21, catch VIO-LENCE and CORONER at Reggie’s Rock Club.

5/5 Stars