CRISIS BENOIT “El Culto de la Muerte”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Oh my God, that name! That caused me to spit out my adult beverage. Obviously these Italian freaks are wrestling fans with little sense of class or decorum. Which I’m sure breaks their heart.

The band is pretty much standard grindcore mixed with morbid death metal, but it’s executed well. These guys have roots deep in the scene, with members partaking in such Italian forefathers as CALVARY ASS ACHE, VATICAN CITY SYNDROME and about 20 other bands with names that would make your pastor vomit and your granny expire. As far as subject matter goes, BENOIT combines the usual zombie stuff (zzzzzz.snore) and pro wrestling. Their sound reminds me of a punked out version of SQUASH BOWELS...catchy but bone breaking riffs that are fast, but not super fast. There’s also a surprising amount of morbid doom, especially in the title track and “Tornado of a Thousand Broken Light Tubes”. One good thing is that the production is just can hear everything clearly but it’s not TOO clean.

It’s a fun album for grindcore and punk/death fans but nothing super remarkable. Now if we could get these guys in an exploding barbed wire death match with EAT THE TURNBUCKLE or even ANTISEEN, that would really be something!