HAIL CONJURER “Earth Penetration”

By Octopi Mills

Signal Rex releases this one and they seem to certainly be a label which understands old metal. The music here is nasty, foul, vile and barbaric without romantic notions or a penchant for beauty. The sound is evil and wicked and at times employs some more atmospheric, stellar effects lending to further the damnation of the animal like howler who wails and laments. Themes seem to go to a perverse, sexual nature, making this a wilder one than just the usual young fellow in cape and paint in his step-mothers gown. There are cosmic moments where the music is performed in a ritualistic manner of a unorthodox kind; like a demon with fish flippers and suckers on the hands, a mish mash of things.

Later the music finds a lonelier sort of place. I can't fully compare this to much else as it manages to find it's own way. Bestial is just one word to best describe this...the heavy distorted bass punctuates the music and the Signal Rex promos are usually the best descriptions of the bands' music- they mention GOATLORD, SAMAEL, and BARATHRUM as touch stones. And it seems to me since this black wave started long ago that the demons of the Solomonic texts have eloped and sprung from the pages; thousands upon thousands of them now run about. But there are some calmer moments, like a sleeping, calving beast...lonesome, cursed. Another unique release from Signal Rex is what you can expect here.