WEREWOLVES “From The Cave To The Grave”

By Theron Moore

Good god, this record is heavy and scary. “From The Cave To The Grave” is the better parts of crushing death metal and all the very best parts of saw grinding thrash. I grow weary listening to the “same” thrash record rewritten, recycled, and reimagined all in the name of “keeping it true” when in fact it isn’t. And then I receive this one, “From The Cave To The Grave”, and my hope is suddenly renewed again. Thank God there’s bands out there who still take pride in putting together a completely original album only focused on ripping your spinal cord out and showing it to you before you die.

I hadn’t heard about this Australian power trio until recently. “From The Cave To The Grave” is the WEREWOLVES’ third album from a band whose members hail from PSYCROPTIC, THE ANTICHRIST IMPERIUM, THE BERZERKER, and ABRAMELIN. The WEREWOLVES rock a sound that bangs back and forth between blackened thrash and death metal coupled with the lyrical humor / sarcasm of classic grindcore.

“From The Cave To The Grave” is a vicious backlash to the hipster kids with the short haircuts, tight beards, and clean cut shirts cranking out by the book, connect the dots deathcore / tech death garbage. The WEREWOLVES are the opposite of that. The entire goal of “From The Cave To The Grave” is to melt eardrums with their brand of dirty, filthy, heavy as fuck music, and that’s it, there’s nothing more . to know. “Self Help Book Burning”, “All The Better To Eat You With”. and “Crushing Heaven’s Mandate” define the aggressive, brutal tone of this record. “From The Cave To The Grave” is a must buy record for sure.

On a scale of 1 to 5 Lemmys: 4