DESTRUCTION “Diabolical”

By Theron Moore

I have to hand it to Germany’s DESTRUCTION. They, like their cohorts KREATOR, never give up and always come at ya hard. They’ll throw everything they have at you including the kitchen sink if it’s riff worthy and makes a lot of noise. But is DESTRUCTION’s new album, “Diabolical”, a thrash gem or just trash without the “h”? The short answer is it’s pretty damn good. If you’ve followed DESTRUCTION since the 80’s, and if you call yourself a real rivet head you have, I’d put “Diabolical” right up there with “Sentence Of Death”, “Infernal Overkill”, and “Eternal Devastation”.

You’d think that DESTRUCTION being a band that formed in 1982 would’ve slowed down by now or altered their musical style such as METALLICA has done over the years but they haven’t. They wave the flag of metal high and push themselves to stay true to the music and “Diabolical” is a testament to their metal grit. This record is an exercise in brutality, aggression, and sonic violence.

And if everything stated thus far isn’t enticing enough to you “Diabolical” is worth the price alone if for nothing else the strangely titled track, “City Baby Attacked By Rats” (It’s a cover of a famous track by classic punk band GBH—Encyclopedia Mality). Clocking in at 2:29 it is certainly DESTRUCTION’s ‘Toxic Waltz’ they should be known for hence forward. If you don’t understand that reference you might want to stick with NICKELBACK and DISTURBED because “Diabolical” will dislodge your spine. The same warning goes for the track ‘Whoreification’ as well.

When it’s all said and done “Diabolical” is one of the best records DESTRUCTION has made in their storied career. It’s good to see this band not slowing down or following trends. I like the fact that they’re still making dangerous music in dangerous times and educating us all on what true thrash sounds like and MUST sound like. Buy this record.

4/5 Stars