BIZARRE “Invocation Codex”

By Dr. Abner Mality

BIZARRE has to be around Band #12,458 to draw inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft. A convention of Lovecraft-themed bands could pack an Olympic soccer stadium and as much as I love ol’ H.P., I’m kind of over it.

Let’s give these Spaniards a fighting chance, though. Well, “Invocation Codex” is certainly not any kind of breakthrough into something new, but if you’re looking for well played death metal that has both atmosphere and hooks, it’s not too bad. It’s on the perfect border between ghastly old Swedish/Finnish death and the more melodic side of DM as performed by EDGE OF SANITY. Four of the thirteen cuts are brief interludes and soundscapes, so those can pretty much be skimmed over. Real tracks like “An Obsolete Creation” and “Souls In Formaldehyde” give us meatier, crunchy, a tad morbid, with just enough melody to add a little interest. One tune that really grabbed me was “The Advent of Eternal Pain”, which has a super catchy, almost bouncy riff that reminds me a little of IMPETIGO’s classic “Boneyard”. The best track by far.

Other tunes like “From Beyond the Grave” and “Ancient Forgotten Tsatthogua” just kind of lie around like “death metal 101”...not bad, not memorable. On the whole, “Invocation Codex” was an enjoyable listen, but for sure it’s not anything you haven’t heard a lot before.