HYPERDONTIA "Hideous Entity"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Turkish/Danish hybrid death metal act HYPERDONTIA attracted some attention with their last effort "A Nexus of Teeth". That was an unexpected tempest of doomy, oppressive death metal that was never anything less than top level. So the expectations are high for the follow-up, "Hideous Entity".

This will certainly not disappoint most death metal fans who like their DM gloomy and relentless. I feel it doesn't really reach that next gear that puts it over the top into the "unmissable" category. But it comes pretty close, best heard on opening track "Snakes of Innards" and the closing book end "Impervious Veil". Those are the cuts where HYPERDONTIA shows their massive potential. The former starts with foreboding death/doom, then picks up speed until it becomes a chaotic vortex in the last third...a very well structured tune. Even better is the latter song, which is a real kaleidoscope of different speeds and styles, starting almost as melodic death metal, going into speedy brutality and ending in mystery. It's almost a reverse engineering of "Snakes of Innards" and is the best track on the album by far.

The rest is certainly serviceable but not at the same level. "Beast Within" is dissonant but ends with suprisingly Gothic tones while "Grinding Teeth" again shows HYPERDONTIA's knack for mixing riffs and speeds. The rest is more middling. "Lacerated and Burning" is too long by a couple of minutes and a bit monotonous while "Coils of Wrath" and "Wretched Mockery of Creation" are brutal but just kind of "there".

"Hideous Entity" didn't hit me quite the same way "A Nexus of Teeth" did, but there's still plenty in HYPERDONTIA for fans of underground death metal to explore.