SAINT DEAMON     “League Of The Serpent”

By Theron Moore

Swedish / Norwegian melodic power metal band SAINT DEAMON are getting ready to release their new record “League Of The Serpent” on April 21. It is without a doubt, state of the art European power metal at its absolute finest. The first two songs "At Break of Dawn" and  "League of the Serpent" made me feel like I should be drinking Mead with pirates and Vikings while the rest of the record made me want to storm a castle. Yep, this record is that damn good.

Any album with any track on it which feels like it could be used in a movie with dragons, a dungeon, warships, or a castle not only has my attention but has my vote for record of the year. What makes SAINT DEAMON so damn good is the interplay between their songwriting and their music. It works, and it works really, really well. The band is on fire, the metal is pure cold steel. 

The vocals have to be soaring and the music has to have a cinematic quality to it and that’s just one aspect of “League Of The Serpent”. Their musical vision never wavers and never compromises. SAINT DEAMON makes you believe in what you’re listening to and that’s key. When each song becomes a mini movie unto itself you know you’ve struck gold. That’s the entirety of League Of The Serpent.

I’ve said this in other reviews I’ve done and I’ll reiterate it here. Melodic power metal is a tough genre to be successful in because a band’s music and vision have to be right on. Anything to far to the left and it’s a miss; anything to far to the right and it’s cartoonish. “League Of The Serpent” is a homerun, SAINT DEAMON nailed it with this album and I fully expected that. I certainly rank this band – as well as this album – right up there with anything HAMMERFALL, HAMMER KING, AD INFINITUM, and new band DARK SIDE OF THE MOON have done. “League Of The Serpent” is a must buy for sure.