TRASTORNED “Into the Void”

By Dr. Abner Mality

What in the name of HaHa Clinton-Dix is TRASTORNED and what does it mean? When all real words have been used in band names, I guess it is time to get creative and make something up. That’s what these dudes from Chile have done. While the band name is nonsensical, their sound is very easy to describe...ancient thrash metal from the glory days.

I’ve often said, South America’s version of the 80’s is right now when it comes to metal. They are living through the heyday of thrash in the 21st century, right down to high top sneakers and spiked leather wristbands. TRASTORNED fits perfectly in that milieu, as “Into the Void” (apologies to BLACK SABBATH” is classic thrash mixing American and European styles to good effect. It’s nostalgic for sure, but it’s performed with the proper heat and heart both. When the high velocity finally kicks in on the track “Witch Hunt”, you know you’re in good hands and that’s confirmed when the even catchier and more devastating “Metal Violence” rips into being.

There’s no surprises in store from there and I’m sure TRASTORNED weren’t really planning on any. I wish the semi-classical mellow “Dreadful Fate” would have been tossed because that was time that could have been better spent thrashing, but then again, many of the 80’s thrashers also wasted time with these obligatory “interludes”. While I can’t say TRASTORNED will make you forget SLAYER or KREATOR, they don’t embarrass themselves, either. Thrash done the old way!