MADROST “Charring The Rotting Earth”

By Theron Moore

It’s unbelievable how good this band is and how great they’ve become with their latest release, “Charring The Rotting Earth”. It should be noted that this record was released last September during the pandemic, so there’s a chance it might’ve flown under your radar. “Charring The Rotting Earth” is seven tracks of state of the art, blackened-death-thrash, performed at the higher end of the musical spectrum. And to say it shreds, is an understatement.

Track two, “To Prevail The Wicked,” and track six, “Pulverized,” are tasty slices of pit violence which up the ante in pure aggression. “Charring The Rotting Earth” is an exercise in classic thrash & speed with a foot firmly planted in today’s modern metal scene.

Prior releases showcased a raw, stripped down, primal approach to how MADROST was making music. “Charring The Rotting Earth” takes this approach and refines it, like taking a knife and making it sharper, more deadly. The brutality quotient is huge with each song, but it’s reeled in, and laser focused. Track four, “Impossible Dreams” is a prime example of this. The speed, the precision... it comes together in a way that almost defies reasoning, how a band can pack this much punch without the jumping the tracks and sounding sloppy.

In the end, there’s not a bum tune on this record, just seven killer tracks of pure metal mayhem, showcasing the finer elements of speed, thrash, and blackened-death. “Charring The Rotting Earth” is a straight up hammer fight of bloody good metal paying homage to the old school while remaining steadfast in the present. MADROSTt are the true heirs to the sonic forge of SODOM, SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, and NUCLEAR ASSAULT. They do the genre proud. Don’t be a poser, buy “Charring The Rotting Earth” now.