IRONFLAME "Where Madness Dwells"

By Dr. Abner Mality

When describing this band and album, I feel like using the same terms one uses to describe a good mug of beer. It's clean, crisp and refreshing, with a pure aftertaste. That should make you pretty thirsty for a swig of IRONFLAME and all I can say is, bottoms up!

This is a very classically inclined heavy metal album. Some might call it power metal, but in this case, I think just pure heavy metal is the best choice. It's got a lot of the same characteristics of early IRON MAIDEN, ANGELWITCH and SAVATAGE. It's just so direct and pure in its sound. Plenty of credit should go to excellent vocalist Andrew D'Cagna, who you may know from other projects like BRIMSTONE COVEN and NECHOCWEN. A great clean tone that rings like silver bell. There's also lots of killer guitar work, both in solos and twin harmony, which has the taste of classic metal and nothing but. Songs like "Under The Spell" and "Ready To Strike" are speedy belters while "A Funeral Within" and the title track are more mid-paced and epic. "A Curse Upon Mankind" is the most melodic track, which even has some AOR touches, but in a metallic framework.

You can drop the needle anywhere on "Where Madness Dwells" (and hopefully you have a needle to drop) and find quality. This album is a testament to simple but pure craftsmanship and will likely make it onto my Top 10 0f 2022 list.