SEVER “At Midnight, By Torchlight”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The album blasts into existence with the fury of a thermobaric warhead on “Abyssonaut”. It starts with war metal cacophony but settles into something a bit more structured but still foul and filthy. Close listening reveals some layers. On top of the ferocious bombast are ghostly, ethereal guitar melodies that cast a veil of haze over the song. So there is more going on than just a Satanic racket…

It’s a one man project and certainly strange looking, as the principal actor is dressed like a Taliban and holding a Coleman lantern in front of a herd of Arkansas razorbacks. Well, that’s different. SEVER deliver generally fast and furious black metal, but the songs have identity and different twists. “Lunar Sacrifice” is not as berserk as “Abyssonaut”, pounding forth with a powerful, catchy hook. “Sunset In The West” brings droning repetition in the fray...almost too much, but still pretty effective. “Hammer Of Vengeace” is just as fierce as what the name suggests, but not eschewing those haunting melodies.

With the title track, SEVER almost sounds like a different band, as glacial synths take a much more prominent role and the cold melody is paramount. “Eastern Boar” ends the efficiently to the point album, starting in mid-paced fashion but ending in an awesome barrage of cyclonic black metal fury.

A varied and interesting project, with a pleasingly underground sound. Worth checking out…