ABYSMAL LORD "Bestiary of Immortal Hunger"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The name seemed familiar to me, so I dug through the voluminous Wormwood Archives. Sure enough, I found a review of a 12" they did around 2012 coupled with a review of another 12" by MUTILATED VETERANS. Back in 2012, I was not too enamored of ABYSMAL LORD, calling them "bargain basement bestiality".

10 years later, we now have this full length and...nothing has changed. The release is longer, the production marginally fuller, but it's the same Satanic war metal slop desperately trying to follow the cloven hoofprints of BLACK WITCHERY, BESTIAL LUST, BLASPHEMY, et al and sounding like an inferior knockoff of the already monotonous and unengaging style. The fast stuff is a blur with few riffs worth mentioning and drumming that sounds like the guy using his feet to hold the sticks. The occasional slower, more putrid riffs fare somewhat better and have more heft, but at no point did I think ABYSMAL LORD matched any of the bands namedropped above. Adding to the clatter are mixed harsh/guttural grunts jabbered wildly.

As for lyrics, it's all kid stuff...the most juvenile blasphemy. To some folks, my review will be like a clarion call. Well, goatlings, go to it. As for me, I can't believe Hell's Headbangers has kept this band around for 10 years. There is surely better devilish stuff than this.