OSSUARY “Addicted To Human Flesh”

By Dr. Abner Mality

There are several bands out there with the name OSSUARY...this one hails from Colombia. If you’re looking for solid American style death metal with hooks and groove, this should satisfy you like a meal of meat and potatoes. Even if the meat is human flesh…

Like many DM bands, there’s nothing revolutionary going on here, but there’s a nice mix of MASSACRE style catchiness with the rage of SUFFOCATION and MALEVOLENT CREATION. The songs are nice and compact and not a lot of time is wasted with long samples or GOBLIN-style intros. These boys just stick their knives in and start hacking away. It’s good right from the start, but the album really starts reaching its stride with “Blinded Fornicator”. You can almost feel the splatter hit your face with this bloody tune.

From there on, it’s a rugged sprint to the finish line, with the title track and “Gastronomic Carnage” also being highlights. Make no mistake, OSSUARY can be lumped in with a lot of other old school DM bands, but there’s a tightness and groovy feeling here that helps them stand out more.