NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST “Sailing The Seas of Nuclear Waste”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Sometimes you just like to put your brain in neutral and listen to something that maybe doesn’t challenge your intellect but it sure rocks like hell. Strange as it may seem, the kind of rampaging grindcore that Poland’s NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST purvey fits that bill nicely. This is as classic and oldschool as grind can get these days.

It is very much from the mold of TERRORIZER, REPULSION and the more punk-oriented NAPALM DEATH. Don’t look for weird, angular stuff like PIG DESTROYER or ANTIGAMA here. The tunes are very much based on catchy hooks that stick in your brain...good straightforward brutality with a warm and organic sound. No triggered drums on this sucker and the guitar tone is thick and fuzzy like an Angora sweater (apologies to Ed Wood). The songs are also short and direct, with only a couple exceeding the two minute mark. So the whole shebang goes down nice and smooth...that is, if you like guys singing about atomic mutants and nuclear war.

Sixteen songs, so there’s no way I’m gonna touch on all of them. But for me, “Mutant Blitzkrieg”, “Suicidal Paranoia”, “Like Lambs to Slaughter” and “Your Demise—Our Rise” gave me special pleasure. Can grindcore give you the warm fuzzies? NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST sure did for me…