ENRAGEMENT “Atrocities”

by Thor

Finnish death dealers ENRAGEMENT return with their third full-length “Atrocities,” featuring twelve tracks of blasting musical violence.

ENRAGEMENT play a sort of refined version of brutal death metal. Huge swathes of “Atrocities” consist of nasty, slamming brutality that features guttural vocals, chunky riffs that are laced together by tremolo picked morbidity, and aggressive, blast-forward drumming from the lone original member, drummer Lasse Sannikka. But it’s all tempered by enough technical and melodic flourishes to belie the band’s impressive musical prowess. It’s an effective and interesting blend.

Conceptually, “Atrocities” runs the gamut. Song titles including “Lethal Human Experimentation,” “Decimating Winds of Phosphorus,” “Nailed to the Cross,” and “Trade in Viscera” suggest a smorgasbord of death metal favorites from violent grotesqueries to religious hypocrisy and everything in between.

The album’s production is fantastic. It’s tough to maintain clarity with this many notes being delivered this aggressively and yet, “Atrocities” pulls it off brilliantly. The drums are punchy, the guitars massive, and the music has weight without any mud. This thing comes out of your speakers with authority!

Heavy, brutal, well produced and extremely well executed, ENRAGEMENT’s latest opus “Atrocities” should appeal to fans of bands like GORGASM and SPAWN OF POSSESSION.