MASSACRE “Resurgence”

By Theron Moore

MASSACRE dropped their fourth – you read that right, that’s not a typo – their fourth record, ‘Resurgence,’ October 22 via Nuclear Blast. By now MASSACRE should be recognized as the undisputed kings of death metal but instead are better known as heavy metal’s longest running soap opera for its band drama and infighting with past members. That would explain why ‘Resurgence’ feels more like a comeback record, a musical statement regarding MASSACRE moving forward.

Following an ugly split with Jeramie Kling and Taylor Nordberg earlier this year, Kam Lee decided to bring in musicians and trusted friends to fill out the rest of the band including original MASSACRE bassist Mike Borders, Rogga Johansson (MEGASCAVENGER, RIBSPREADER) on guitars, Jonny Pettersson (WOMBBATH) on guitars, Brynjar Helgetun (CRYPTICUS) on drums, and Scott Fairfax (MEMORIAM, AS THE WORLD DIES) on guitars. Guest vocalists were enlisted to sing and growl on ‘Resurgence’ as well: Marc Grewe (INSIDIOUS DISEASE), Dave Ingram (BENEDICTION), Anders Odden (CADAVER), and Pete Slate (DRUID LORD). The end result is simple: ‘Resurgence’ is solid, crushing death metal.

Yes, from a lyrical and musical standpoint, ‘Resurgence’ is solid, crushing death metal. From a creative standpoint, there’s nothing new being delivered here. I can sum it up like this: Lovecraft and horror movies. Again. It’s hard for me to get excited about this record because it’s basically Kam Lee with a super group, gathering of friends under the banner of MASSACRE. Lee has stated if MASSACRE plays live, it most likely won’t be with the studio musicians that made this record. Not even breaking news.

If you’re a fan of Kam Lee, MASSACRE, and their ‘From Beyond,’ record, you’ll dig ‘Resurgence,’ it’s a tasty slab of good old fashioned death metal, and it certainly has Kam Lee stamped all over it but my problem is this. Super groups of this type hold little appeal to me. I prefer the band concept. Who I hear on the record is who I want to see on stage jamming out the material they wrote, rehearsed, and recorded over the last X number of months. ‘Resurgence’ feels like a product manufactured on an assembly line than a band record. For this reason, I think I’ll stick with Jeramie Kling, Taylor Nordberg and Terry Butler in the band, INHUMAN CONDITION. I’ll leave ‘Resurgence’ to the “MASSACRE” faithful.

Resurgence: 3/5 Stars