SCARECROW (FI) "Splatterpunk"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The term "Splatterpunk" instantly conjures up memories of the classic horror thrash/punk band THE ACCUSED and sure enough, that seems to be this Finnish band's biggest influence, along with a generous dollop of MISFITS. Can't say they are as great as THE ACCUSED, but overall, SCARECROW deliver a good straight up jolt of rough, simple horror thrash.

This record has a very harsh guitar sound all the way through...really rough and raw. As one might guess, the songs are short and the album flies by. The vocalist has a great bestial snarl that many a thrash and even death metal band might envy. There's not much in the way of melody or guitar solos...the band just blast their way through fast and raw "Mark of the Werewolf", "Breathing Death" and "Master of Chaos". There's some MISFITS-style "whoa-oh's" and gang choruses but it's not overdone as so many MISFITS-inspired bands are.

There's some occasional weirdness to freshen things up. "Witchfuck" is darker and moodier than the rest, "Nothing In the Mirror" starts almost like a nu-metal song before thrashing out and final cut "Nocturnal Bird" has a bluesy groove. All in all, "Splatterpunk" is really nothing mind-blowing but is a quick, harmless blast of B-movie grinding punk and thrash.