BONES “Vomit”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The ugly and violent spirit of Chicago infuses this band and record like the stench of the Red Line train at 2 A.M. Saturday night. I’ve followed these guys since their beginning and they’ve never wavered from their simple no-bullshit attack. CIANIDE, USURPER, LAIR OF THE MINOTAUR, BEAR MACE, CARDIAC ARREST...that’s the kind of brutal punk drenched death metal you get from BONES.

All three members played at one time in USURPER so the connection there makes a lot of sense. I really don’t think we’ll be hearing anything more from USURPER so the torch has been passed to BONES. “Vomit” is a short album bordering on mini-album where the guys move in quickly and get out of Dodge before you even know you’ve been shot. “Beware of Ghouls”, “Noose”, “Brazen Bull” all flatten the brainwaves with a gross but catchy mix of thrash, death and punk. Nothing new but I love it anyway! The album peaks with the awesome “Bloodlust”, which features some of the best riffs from these cats ever...yes, even including the USURPER days! Also check out the more filthy rock oriented cover of VAN HALEN’s “She’s A Woman”, featuring Nick Hernandez of DYSPHORIA on slightly less repulsive vocals.

Really not much more to tell about “Vomit”. If you like it ugly, mean and to the point, it delivers!