By Dr. Abner Mality

Looks like somebody sure likes their MASSACRE, based on the art and logo. And that’s just what we get with INHUMAN CONDITION...pure, easy, catchy as hell Florida death metal. Why not? The bass player here is Terry Butler, the man who practically IS Florida death metal, with stints in DEATH, MASSACRE, OBITUARY and SIX FEET UNDER. If anybody “owns” this style, he does. Along for the ride are DEICIDE’s Taylor Nordberg and drummer/vocalist Jeramie Kling from VENOM INC. EX DEO and more.

This is about as easy on the brain as you can get, with thick, fat riffs that lope along like an old bloodhound. Tech-death, this is not. But with the opening chords of “The Mold Testament” (extra points for that song title), your head starts to nod uncontrollably and you have an unstoppable desire to thrust your fist in the air. There are many who look down on SIX FEET UNDER style death metal and yes, considering some of the subpar stuff they’ve done, I can understand. But when done correctly, as SFU did on their first couple of records, this can be highly enjoyable listening.

Old MASSACRE also plays a big part in INHUMAN CONDITION’s style and while Kling is not Kam Lee, he’s more than acceptable. These guys are locked into a groove throughout the album and “Fearsick” is a painless, if somewhat basic, listening experience.