KILL DIVISION "Peace Through Tyranny"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Nostalgic for early 90';s TERRORIZER and NAPALM DEATH? KILL DIVISION sure are....paying tribute to that formative grindcore sound is pretty much their sole reason for existing. That won't be a surprise to anybody who claps eyes on the "social chaos" collage art that provides the cover art for "Peace Through Tyranny".

The band is something of a supergroup, featuring Gus Rios from GRUESOME, Dirk Verbeuren from MEGADETH, Kyle Synmons formerly of MALEVOLENT CREATION and HATEPLOW and the super-busy Jeramie Kling of VENOM INC., INHUMAN CONDITION and what seems like 20 other bands. That's the kind of lineup that can smack your ass down in a hurry and that's pretty much what they do here, firing off 11 rapid fire shots of pure early 90's grind.

It gets the job done, but surprisingly, not much more. Everything here seems kind of perfunctory and by the numbers. The songs do grind but nothing really stands out as exceptional. Now KILL DIVISION was not put together to be "experimental" and I can respect that, but "Peace Through Tyranny" doesn't break through to the next level of ambition.

That being said, if you can't get enough TERRORIZER, KILL DIVISION will tide you over....there's even a cover of "Barely Alive" here to satisfy your urge. Is this band just a one off for these guys? Time will tell...