MISFIRE “Sympathy For the Ignorant”

By Dr. Abner Mality

You can usually count on Chicago metal bands to have that extra level of grit and grime to them. MISFIRE is no different. Arising from the ashes of long running thrashers DIAMOND PLATE, these guys have a bare-knuckled, no bullshit aspect that I find pleasing.

The band is described as thrash and names like DARK ANGEL and SODOM are invoked, but I find those comparisons to be misleading. Instead, what we have here is a band that lives and breathes the essence of PANTERA’s glory years. A lot of that can be chalked up to Jay Johnson’ uncanny Phil-like growls, but the chugging thuggish riffing has a lot of “Far Beyond Driven” and “Vulgar Display of Power” to it, mixed with EXODUS-style thrashing. Very simple and street level music, but wow, what a great production. Everything just pops, especially the bass, which sounds better than 90% of the bass production I hear. It helps boost the basic material up another notch.

MISFIRE slam pretty much all the way through and there are no ballads or half-ballads here. “War of Mine” is a burly punch to the face, while “No Offense” and “He Said, She Said” have a lot of what made PANTERA’s “Mouth For War” and “Slaughtered” so visceral and headbangable.

This is a band you can kind of file next to POWER TRIP, who also have that mix of groove, chug and thrash. A lot thicker and rawer than DIAMOND PLATE ever was. Looks like the Windy City has got another band to watch…