DISASTER “Secrets From The Past”

By Dr. Abner Mality

DISASTER is a long running thrash metal act from Colombia that’s managed to snag a record deal with Pure Steel. Reviews like this one are the hardest to write, because DISASTER is not really a terrible band, but “Secrets From The Past” is so forgettable that it barely exists.

Now and then, they will hit a sweet spot, but it’s obvious from the jump this is not going to stand with the top tier thrash acts. Their approach to the art is a generic one and on songs like “Ancient Rites” and “Suffer In Pain”, there is a looseness and sloppiness to the writing that is obvious to see. I will say that drumming is tight and the production here is slick. The vocals of Andres Alvarez are not sharp and with an obvious accent that makes awkward lyrics harder yet to take.

Highlights would be “Living Fast, Dying Young”, an instrumental where the early METALLICA influence stands out and the well constructed “Promised Land”, where the ghost of a better DISASTER peeks from behind the curtains. On the flip side, cuts like “Blinded” and “Without Tomorrow” are closer to generic groove metal than true thrash.

I’ve spent enough time on this already. You might not hate “Secrets From The Past” but you won’t remember it an hour after hearing it.