VIOLENTOR “Manifesto di Odio”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Italy has produced some strong thrash and crossover bands over the years, like the seminal RAW POWER. VIOLENTOR is not one of those bands. This just doesn’t cut the formaggio when it comes to classic thrash.

A primitive and raw sound can often work wonders, but not when your record sounds like it was recorded under a bridge somewhere in the countryside. This is like a tape demo from ‘83. Now that will make some of you salivate and there is a certain charm to the roughness, but it also has to be coupled with memorable songs. “Primitive” also applies to VIOLENTOR’s songwriting. This is caveman stuff that comes across with monotonous, unimaginative riffs and nonexistent soloing. The constant boring shouts of the vocalist are also flat and uninspired and it sure doesn’t help that he yells in Italian for almost the entire record. Well, this is pitched to an Italian audience, so it fits.

The record reaches its nadir with “Ballad Of The Free Spirits”, a TOM WAITS style blues ballad sung in English. Did I say “sung”? Sounds like the guy stumbled straight out of a methadone clinic. This has got to be one of the worst songs I’ve heard this year. On certain tracks like “Facciamo la Guerra” and “Il Fondo”, VIOLENTOR does create a brutish, ape-like energy that you can feel. But to be blunt, this is just not a good record.