MORBID EVILS “Supernaturals”

By Dr. Abner Mality

This may be one of the best years for death/doom metal in history. There must be something about the absolute misery and chaos of life in the 2020’s that fires up such bands. TEMPLE OF VOID, KONVENT and ATARAXY have all released bone-crushers this year and now it’s time for Finland’s MORBID EVILS to join the party.

This is my second go-round with these guys, who are the creation of ROTTEN SOUND’s Keijo Niinima. I don’t recall their debut being as good as this, so they’ve definitely upped their game here. They’ve gotten longer, slower and heavier on “Supernaturals”, with four epics of torturous death/doom that pile on the sludge and woe with a heavy hand. There’s no delicate melody or post-metal whiffing around on this monster. “Fearless” is ten minutes plus of sludgy,crawling pain with grim vocal growls. There is a time on each MORBID EVILS song where they speed up to a more intense pace, but those interludes tend to be brief and only a slight relief from the trudging horror.

“Tormented” kicks off with almost unendurable dissonant racket, reminding me of PRIMITIVE MAN. A whole 8 minutes of this would have been torture, but it soon morphs into a more riff-based attack that has an evil groove. “Supernatural” winds the album up with the longest track and while I’m mighty sick of overlong doom epics, this one switches riffs and tempo enough to stay interesting while still flattening your brain. Some pure withering death/doom misery here...prepare to be bludgeoned!