CHOREOMANIC - “Choreomanic”

By Dark Starr

This album is pretty amazing. It has a heavy, but decidedly prog sound. Think of some of the heavier of modern KING CRIMSON or PRIMUS. and you'll be in the right territory. Add in some horns to a lot of the songs, and you'll get the jazzy element that comes to play from time to time here. Whatever you call this, it's unique, compelling and strong. It should also be noted that this is a side project of bassist Joost van der Graaf, who plays in renowned death metal bands PESTILENCE and DEW SCENTED.

“This is Not a Drill”

This song is insane. It starts atmospheric and turns out to something that calls to mind PRIMUS, the heavier edge of modern KING CRIMSON and more. There is even some jazz in the mix. This is so unique, so driving and so cool. It drops to a keyboard type of weirdness later to take it to the end.

“Spun Sugar”

Driving hard rick brings this into being. Again, KING CRIMSON and PRIMUS are both valid reference points. The bass work is on fire. The horns add something intriguing and unusual.

“What You Get”

The bass starts this by itself and holds it for a while. As it jumps out into music a lot like the previous songs it really gets crazed. I'm reminded to some degree of BRUFORD, LEVIN, UPPER EXTREMITIES on this thing.

“Red Flags”

I really love the horns on this song. The number doesn't let up on the intensity or the hard-edged prog sounds.


I think it makes sense for this to be the title track. As strong as everything here is, this might really set the scale. It's got so many jazzy horn sounds, yet the driving bass and scorching CRIMSONian hard rock are stellar. It's packed full of dramatic twists and turns.

“Walk With Urgency”

While not a big change, this is another powerhouse hard rocking screamer with CRIMSONian rock and jazzy elements driving it.

“Off with the Figurehead”

There are some vocals on this one as a fairly big change. The bass work and everything else here is purely on fire. It's another powerhouse tune.

“Time to Let It Out”

This cut has some vocals, too. It also has a healthy helping of jazzy horns and crazed prog rocking sound.

"Calling God"

I really love the combination of jazzy horns and driving KC like hard rock on this thing. There are some women's voices literally calling God late in the song. Those end the track.

“Take the Money, Give It To Me Now”

There are some hip hop styled vocals deep in the arrangement on this number. The track has some crazed bass work and more of everything you have come to expect by this point on the album.

“Story About the Moon”

While not a big change from much of the rest here, when it's this good, why shake things up?

“Away From the Sun”

Bass starts this and holds it for a long time. The track eventually gets percussion and horns added to the mix. This is quite a change from the rest of the set.