MORGUE SUPPLIER “Inevitability”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Been listening to a lot of strange and ugly music lately...BUÑUEL, why not go whole hog and slap on the latest from Chicago’s misanthropic MORGUE SUPPLIER. Ugly, uncomfortable and noisy are three words that come immediately to mind when thinking of these glum grind specialists and “Inevitability” will not disappoint anyone looking for these qualities in their tunes. Although I’m mind-boggled by the nauseating amount of MORGUE SUPPLIER sweat pants, hoodies, book bags and probably soon to come craft beer (with just a dash of strychnine!) that is being hawked by their record company.

With first song “Absurd Identity” they are determined to cram in as many types of harsh sound as they can think of into the track. It starts with white-hot grind, slows down to queasy and sludgy chords, tosses in some bleak dissonance and seasons things with more grindcore. This would be a recipe for disaster with many bands, but MORGUE SUPPLIER find a way to make it work. The tracks here are highly experimental and as the album crawls on, the dissonance and slower, more uneasy sounding parts of their style increase, with “Thoughts of Only Darkness” exceeding the 8 minute mark. There are also some very effective and depressing soundscape tracks like “Departure” and the title track that aim towards more ambient discomfort.

I did find my attention wavering in a few spots, but the band achieves what they set out to...come up with an unorthodox soundtrack to the personal and planetary destruction we are living through pretty much every single day. Cheers!