KAMPFAR “Fandens Trall”

By Octopi Mills

One can't help but notice the fine work of the album cover here, and one hopes the album is as good. There are some words attached to the album, claiming that they play the devil's music and this is some sort of tribute to that. I haven't the opportunity of time to translate the lyrics to English, so unfortunately, I won't be able to grasp the full tine of this devilish thing. I must rely on the music and the impressions.

The sound is again and nearly always typical of the day- adherence to working standards of musicians in such matters as modes of mic placements, recording ethic, digital sound all around by way of the guitar treatment, etc...The sound of a band that is 30 years old or more is still intact...the metal stuff too mouthy to explain without boring out the reader; the Scandinavian black, power, epic, pagan influences and such, yes, of course....The sound has these obvious elements and the dark, melancholic brood of a wintry nature, yes, of course. I now think i remember reviewing “Ofidans Manifest”, another one of their albums. The music does have it's own identity, and these fellows are still around hammering around on things after all these years now, maintaining their identity instead of stealing or imposing on other's work.

At the end of it all I don't dislike the album but yet it is not life changing. Perhaps I would revisit it if the circumstance were right in a more wintry hour that isn't perhaps so out of season nor away from the lodge of summer. I will have to go back and revisit it at some darker interval.