MINDIVIDE – “Fragments”

By Dark Starr 

This disc could be considered progressive rock. In fact, I think that's the best label for it. It could just as easily qualify as heavy metal, though. Certainly both concepts are prominent here. Personally, I think they have enough of the prog side to fit there, but they are clearly very metallic, too. Rosanna Taormina's vocals are one of the biggest selling points of this album. I'd say that fans of bands like DREAM THEATER are probably the most likely audience for this. This is so strong. 

"Fragment 28" starts it, and a cool melodic arrangement brings it into being. The cut grows outward from there as the vocals come over the top. This works through a number of twists and turns along the road, turning much harder rocking after a while. The thing really gets quite metallic at times, but it's definitely metallic prog. "Skull" comes in metallic. The vocal arrangement brings more of a proggy vibe. There is a dropped down section further down the road, but overall the metallic prog concepts drive this throughout. 

There are no big changes on "At Your Whim" in terms of the overall concepts, but the song is unique from the two that preceded it.  Starting on the mellower side, "D.I.D." drives out to more of the metal-leaning prog we've come to expect here. This a particularly effective piece of music. I really love some of the guitar playing on the piece. The subtler sections of the tune work so well, too. 

I really love the contrast between more driving and restrained sections on “Reign Of Mediocrity." For some reason this song really makes me think of the first DREAM THEATER album. "Children Of Nonsense" comes in decidedly metallic with a killer groove. It gets onto proggier zones further down the road, but is not a big change. 

While not any kind of full departure, more of "Timeless Spaces" is devoted to mellower zones. Much heavier and more metallic, "Beauty Insane" is a real powerhouse. There are even some death metal vocals on this one. While there is still plenty of metal in the mix on "Home," the cut gets into proggier territory. It also has some hints of psychedelia. It is arguably the strongest thing here. It's a real powerhouse that works so well.