CANDLEMASS “Sweet Evil Sun”

By Iron Sheik

Is it the early 70s again? These Swedish doom masters have taken a page out of that era and done it proud! “Sweet Evil Sun” is definitely a heavyweight contender for year end best of lists.

I was pleasantly surprised at the heaviness of “Sweet Evil Sun”. Going into this album I wasn't sure what I would hear, but after multiple listens the album is not only heavy doom metal, but ethereal with the background keyboards and choir like vocals. I heard many musical nods to Tony Iommi and BLACK SABBATH not to mention a lyrical one too. They are not overdone but compliment the songs. Speaking of compliments, Jennie-Ann Smith of AVATARIUM makes a guest appearance dueting on the track “When Death Sighs”.

“Sweet Evil Sun” as a whole is a non-stop doom-de-force. It finally closes out with “A Cup Of Coffin” which is like a “farewell, until we meet again” type song. Think “Thank You, Boys” by JANE’S ADDICTION.

My favorite tracks on the album are “Black Butterfly”, “Devil Voodoo”, and “Goddess”. It was hard choosing any as the album is best taken as a whole, but these tracks stood out. They made me do a little more headbanging.