SEPULCHRAL “From Beyond the Burial Mound”

By Dr. Abner Mality

I’ll make this review straight and to the point...just like this putrid slab of death metal aggression. This Spanish trio have a very simple and uncomplicated approach to their music, focusing on an almost D-beat style of raging and catchy death metal. For sure, it does nothing new, but I’ll be damned (well, that’s no surprise) if it doesn’t get my head banging and my neck sore.

After the obligatory intro, first two tracks “Harbor of Drifting Souls” and “Ceremony of Putrefaction” sound like virtually the same song. It’s like d-beat meets GRAVE, with a crunching, grinding guitar sound and ghoulish vocals. Very effective, but from there, things pick up even more as odes like “Cursed Epitaph” and “Tombstone Thrower” are even groovier...a little bit like BENEDICTION and such bands. There’s an effective cover of NECROPHAGIA’s “Blood Freak” and the album ends on a slightly more melodic and mournful note with “Eyes Like Burning Catacombs”, which shows SEPULCHRAL might be capable of something a little different.

An enjoyable little death metal romp for those who like aggression and simple, catchy riffs.