JADED HEART - “Heart Attack”

By Iron Sheik

Admittedly I am not familiar with these guys and have never heard them until ‘Heart Attack’ was released. This is not a bad thing. It gives me a band to investigate... their back catalog that is heavily rooted in the eighties (German) metal sound. Think ACCEPT, SCORPIONS, SINNER, and for some reason QUEENSRYCHE. Yet it is definitely not out of place in today's musical landscape.

JADED HEART sound like a band that has well honed their style. Musically “Heart Attack” doesn't sound contrived, or like an attempt to capture a particular sound. It is their sound. “Blood Red Skies” and “Heart Attack” are the first two singles, and they are good heavy songs that are geared for radio. Still not out of place on the album as one track after another could be radio staples (If radio bothered to play decent music anymore—Dr. M)

It's hard for a lot of bands I listen to sound as good after a few years let alone like JADED HEART does after twenty-eight years. Many aspire, few achieve. “Heart Attack” stands strong as an excellent ride that is demanding you to stick with it throughout the whole album.

“Blood Red Skies”, “Lady Spider”, and “Right Now” grabbed me by the ears. These latter two have become my personal favorites off “Heart Attack”. Overall this album is a great wall of sound for 80s metal lovers as well as lovers of today's hard rock and metal.