GROUND “Habitual Self-Abuse”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Very tough to bring anything new to the grindcore game so Jersey’s GROUND don’t even really try. This is their fifth album so they’ve had time to work out the kinks and establish just what their sound is. It’s fast, raw and violent, but not totally off the hook or chaotic. PHOBIA and INSECT WARFARE are the first two names that pop into my head when hearing “Habitual Self-Abuse”...yeah, it’s that vicious.

The first five tracks are solid but nothing that particularly stands out for me. They have managed to get a really good and loud sound here, with guitars blasting right out of the speakers. There are at least two, more likely three vocalists yelling and grunting their heads off, which adds some spice. Starting with track #6, “Stand Up Guy”, the songs start to become more memorable. I hate to use the terrm “groove” because that suggests PANTERA-style riffing, but there is more of a flow to the riffs and there’s some really headbanging, pit-worthy power to the instrumental title track and the excellent “Indurated Juvenescence”. The albums ends strong with the crushing grind of “Conscious Denial”.

GROUND are just straight up American grindcore...nothing more, definitely nothing less.