HUSQWARNAH “Front Towards Enemy”

By Dr. Abner Mality

With a band name that sounds like a cross between a chainsaw company and a Great Old One from Lovecraft, you just had to know these guys would be an old school death metal band. And so they are! This is a fun, nasty album that does indeed sound like it was played with chainsaws instead of guitars. The press sheet intones such hefty names as ASPHYX, BOLT THROWER and DISMEMBER when seeking to describe HUSQWARNAH.

That hits it right on the head. This is the kind of dirty death metal based on catchy, crunchy riffs. There are even times when HUSQWARNAH stands shoulder to shoulder with those named above, instead of being a lazy knockoff. The music is a mix of ripping fast death metal like “Reincarnation of Sin” and “Death Proof” with more tank-like, grooving crushers like the opening “Melting Face” and the excellent “Ignoto”. The guitar sound is awesome and mixes well with a filthy bass rumbling while the drums have a pleasing natural tone instead of sound like a digital typewriter. The vocals are pained and agonized roars and snarls.

Of course, it’s not original at all, with the possible exception of final track “Dreamline” which adds synth tones to some unusual guitar arpeggios. But that doesn’t mean this can’t be done well. And it really is! “Front Towards Enemy” is an extremely enjoyable treat for old school death metal fans.