SPITER "Bathe The Babe in Bats' Blood"

By Dr. Abner Mality

When the miscreants of SHITFUCKER and DEVIL MASTER collide, expect something like SPITER to result. This is violent punk/thrash metal with a Satanic bent and bandmembers who look like KISS meeting the MISFITS in a graveyard.

It's a lot closer to first wave black metal than anything coming out of Europe and the punk roots of the album are unmistakable. On "Foreshadow", there's some MISFITS style "Whoa-oh-oh" crooning although the song is generally more mayhemic than anything Jerry Only's crew ever came up with. "Full Satanic Power" is one song where the more Gothic and post-punk stylings of DEVIL MASTER come to the fore, but even that one speeds up a lot by the end.

It races by in a devilish blur and doesn't overstay its welcome. Even though it's kind of on the juvenile side, it has a lot of good old fashioned blasphemy.