ANIMA MORTE “Serpents in the Fields of Sleep”

By Octopi Mills

This Swedish project deals in cinematic horror of the instrumental variety. There is something of the old German electronic school feeling at the opening of the album and though different, it gives that feeling that JIm Kirkwood might give the listener, as if one is off form and on to something. Through the said and learned influence of the atmosphere of old horror movies from early Italian films and artists like Fabio Frizzi, Goblin, and film maker, Wes Craven, the music explores things of this nature but of a more fluid and mellower nature than something like the dark soundtrack horror of other know the ones..

Employing the use of Mellotron, Minimoog, Hammond, and Rhodes, they make for a sort of lazy journey at times, say in "Seeds of Trepidation" or in the next track " A Perfect Void" and here on through, making for a light horror or science fiction sort of feel throughout.

It seems they have reworked some themes for Lovecraft; something about Randolph Carter, I believe. So, this is entirely like a film score, without the film, yet creating something of it's own images and visual themes which leaves a great deal of room for interpretation as long as the song titles tell themselves their own sort of story by which to guide you here, see? Expect a longer than “Reign in Blood” running time here, leading to a more leisurely sonic exploration of various themes.