By Theron Moore

What is there left to say about the legendary LORDS OF THE TRIDENT that hasn’t been said before? The LORDS are the premier metal band hailing from Madison, WI who self-released their fifth record entitled ‘The Offering’ on April 1 – no joke. ‘The Offering’ is thirteen tracks of pure traditional / power metal that takes me back to their earlier work, especially what they were doing creatively between 2011 and 2015-ish with albums ‘Frostburn,’ and ‘Chains On Fire.’

If you you’re not familiar with this band – and well you should be – they’re a bunch of cool dude RPG gamers with a deep and devout passion for metal. In addition to running a successful Patreon fund – at an epic and immortal level – to keep the band moving forward they also host the annual ‘Mad With Power Fest’ in Madison too.

I mentioned records ‘Frostburn’ and ‘Chains On Fire’ before. It doesn’t matter if you can’t reference these killer slabs of metal because once you listen to ‘The Offering’ you’ll be scouring their back catalog for these and other titles as well. Probably the coolest and most interesting track on this record is the first one, “Legend,” which to my ears sounds like a traditional Irish folk ballad crafted into a razor sharp metal song.

The LORDS don’t stray too far from the musical path they’ve created and honed with ‘The Offering.’ What you’re listening to right now is the evolution of perfecting their songwriting and laser focusing in on sound and style which is in many ways uniquely LORDS OF THE TRIDENT: When you hear them play, you know it’s them and you know what to expect. And guess what? They don’t let you down. There’s 13 songs on ‘The Offering’ and not a bum or filler song to be found. Personal favorite songs include “Legend,” “Acolyte,” and “Power of Evil.” I’m inspired to have a drink, listen to ‘Offering,’ and play some ‘The Fantasy Trip’ or ‘AD&D.’ Patch these guys on and buy their record.

5/5 Stars