VOLCANOVA “Cosmic Bullshit” EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

This Icelandic band has whipped up some of the best stoner rock I’ve heard in a while and that’s no bullshit, cosmic or no. This is considered an EP, but is closer to a mini-album, with six tracks that all hit you up with thick, fuzzy tones, very catchy riffs and some cool vocal harmonies. If you’re in the market for stoner rock/fuzz metal/desert rock, I don’t see how you could be disappointed with this.

“Salem” kicks things off and this sucker has more crunch than a box of Rice Krispies. The guitar tone is almost ELECTRIC WIZARD-ish with its heaviness, but VOLCANOVA has a more upbeat sound, without the world-ending gloom of doom metal. All three members sing and their voices intertwine on every track, giving things a more melodic flavor. “Gold Coast” and “Desolation” follow in similar rocking fashion, with shades of FU MANCHU. “End To Time” is a real highlight, starting with bright, clean tones in 60’s psych fashion before gradually getting thicker and heavier but keeping a kind of cheerful, jammy sound. This is heavy rock for a bright, sunny day.

“No Wheels” is fast and greasy hard rock that gets the head nodding and the album ends with the longest tune, “Lost Spot”, which features a prolonged bass workout and finally works up to a killer stoner jam with a lot of crunch. What’s not to like about “Cosmic Bullshit”? I’d love to hear a full length from VOLCANOVA if they can keep this quality flowing.