SNARE OF SIXES “MoonBladder”

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Moon has inspired a lot of music over the ages, but I’m betting nothing like this has been offered before. Here’s a deep dive into the world of droning soundscapes, courtesy of Jason Walton, better known as JWW from AGALLOCH. This is a massive one...a single track lasting almost a half hour.

It’s almost impossible for a single track this long to hold my interest anymore, especially when it’s as unconventional as this. However, “MoonBladder” at least has the good sense to keep things constantly changing. This is not a monotonous drone where the same vibe and chord is repeated into infinity. The sounds are always changing and morphing over the entire running time, with passages of analog synth in GOBLIN/JOHN CARPENTER mode transforming into drifting electric guitar and then to what almost sounds like somebody knocking things together in a carpenter’s shop. Finally, in the last few minutes, actual vocals show up...clean, monk-like laments. Throughout the length, there’s a dizzying assortment of buzzes, croons, loud and soft tones, bleeps and swirls. The multiplicity of sounds makes sense when you realise SNARE OF SIXES is not just Walton alone, but a virtual ensemble of guests from acts like SCULPTURED, KAYO DOT, WINDS and...LAWNMOWER DETH???

Does it all work? Well, my attention did wander several times during the course of the track, but it held my interest more than a lot of dull doom metal drones repeated ad nauseum. So if you can handle something strange and unconventional, “MoonBladder” is not the worst journey you could take.