SKARE “Skare”

By Octopi Mills

The promotions speak easy of 90s Black Metal, frost, cobwebs and such. Even the name OBTAINED ENSLAVEMENT is thrown about as if at a stag party. "The Lonesome Ibex" wanders lonesome, and on its own in the genre, looking for a place and finding it amongst an old demo sounding production and the winding sound of the guitars found in the good old days. It is inane to try and describe the sound, which is predictable and better than latter day bands of yore who strayed away from the tried-and-true ways set forth the blacksmithy of they have succeeded in the old trek and strife.

The album is 35 minutes long and in this way does not overstay or hang around all hours of the night. The keys and vocals at parts tread into a funeral doom influence, again of old times and homage. "Into icy pewter sky" is a clever title to cap off the album with the flighty music and vocals that are treated to a sound like something in an old ice cave. It seems there's still plenty of old school black metal around to keep the guys who left it for further shores in plenty of competition in terms of what the wayward listener perceives as old. The way this album was recorded is something in itself and the things I mention. What’s old is new again and vice versa...