TYMO "The Art of A Maniac"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Is Canada becoming the new hotspot for oldschool thrash metal? Sure looks that way. TERRIFIER is an awesome thrash attack from the Great White North and recently the latest from INFRARED also heated up my speakers. Now coming from Edmonton we have TYMO who have dished up a crazed assault of classic thrash aptly titled "The Art of a Maniac".

This really hits the spot. From the opening instrumental "Tymonocide" to the final blur of "Alcoholocaust", this bunch never lets up on the gas. This isn't the chunky, chugging kind of thrash or the more, melodic progressive variety...this is pure manic speed, chock full of shifty riffs and acid-spitting guitar solos. There;s a crossover energy to tunes like "Mars Attacks!" and the title track...think of D.R.I. and S.O.D. in a street fight with SLAYER and ANTHRAX. The vocals of Tim Tymo are extremely deranged and spin some foul-mouthed tales that are far from politically correct. To cut to the chase, TYMO don't overthink their thrash, they just dive right into it, focusing on speed and power and conjuring up a bone-breaking pit.

With Bob Fuckin' Ross on the cover, these guys have got it covered, except I would change the band name, as TYMO doesn't convey much of anything. But if you pick up "Art of A Maniac", you will learn what they stand for sure enough.