HISS FROM THE MOAT “The Way Out Of Hell”

By Theron Moore

HISS FROM THE MOAT was formed in 2006 featuring James Payne (ex-HOUR OF PENANCE / ex-VITAL REMAINS), Carlo Cremascoli (ex-TASTERS), Giacomo Poli, and Max Cirelli who joined this merry band of death metal pirates in 2016. Truth be told, I hadn’t heard about HISS FROM THE MOATuntil now but their new record, “The Way Out Of Hell”, is an apt introduction to this band. It’s a hyper frenetic, whiplash inducing album that’ll snap necks and rearrange a spine or two. A great way to describe this record is simply this: If the movie Evil Dead II had a soundtrack, “The Way Out Of Hell” would be it.

It feels like this album moves at a million miles an hour, rarely slowing down long enough to slow down or stop the beatings. There’s lots of blast beats and double bass and machine gun style riffing which most bands couldn’t pull off but HISS FROM THE MOAT does – almost too well. Musically speaking, the band pulls from the thrash, death metal, and black metal genres and fuses everything together in a pretty solid way, there’s not a bum song on this record.

In a way, “The Way Out Of Hell” reminds me of the work DEICIDE was producing about 20 years ago, or so, which is both good and bad. First, if you’re going to be compared to anyone DEICIDE is a pretty damn good band to be compared to. The downside? Maybe that “sound” might go a tad bit too far on this album.

When it’s all said and done I dig what I hear on “The Way Out Of Hell”. It can be a little bit to repetitive at times but the music is done in such a top notch manner that, in the end, it doesn’t matter. HISS FROM THE MOAT is a killer band and “The Way Out Of Hell” is heavy as hell record. Buy it.