LORD OF THE LOST - “Blood And Glitter”

By Iron Sheik

I have heard a couple of LORD OF THE LOST's releases, but have never followed them wholeheartedly. After thirteen years of making music and eight albums, with “Blood And Glitter” being the eighth and most recent album, I am finally giving them a good listen. I have missed something here by not listening before.

First off, “Blood and Glitter” is all over the place musically: industrial, heavy metal, new wave, cinematic themes, gothic rock, metal core, dance, and others to name a few. Not to dissuade anyone from listening by naming some genres because it all gels into making an exceptional sounding band and album.

Firmly entrenched in 70s and 80s sounds, tracks like the title track also display modernity. Further into the album, and a song like “Absolute Attitude” wouldn't be out of place being played for dances. Similar can be said of “Reset The Preset” featuring Andy Laplegua albeit with detours into heavier moments. Employing touches of THE CURE and BERLIN in “Leaving The Planet Earth” with some keyboard choir vocals and underlying heavy guitar works well together. It also evokes DEPECHE MODE. While songs like “Destruction Manual” bring the heavy out, it is all an odd mix but excellent musically. Just like The Look featuring BLUMCHEN is a great cover tune. Her vocals make it closer to ROXETTE sounding which absolutely fits with the rest of the material on the album.

An album like LORD OF THE LOST’s “Blood And Glitter” is a new day example of what was great about the headphone music of the 70s and 80s. Upon each listen something else is heard, and it takes you deeper into their experience. While I listen to all the styles of music LORD employs, it is cool to hear the result of it all mixed together like only LORD OF THE LOST can do. A solid offering of glitter and glam, with Blood drenched modernity.