VENOM INC. “There’s Only Black”

By Dr. Abner Mality

A pretty bland cover on this one and the font for the band name is about as basic as it gets. But fortunately what’s within pulses with plenty of energy, as VENOM INC. continue to put out strong releases as if they are on a mission. And I think maybe they are…

This is probably the fastest VENOM INC. album so far. Only the last two tracks “The Danse Macabre” and “Inferno” ease up on the pedal. Most of the cuts are quite thrashy and drummer Jeramie Kling proves his worth, knocking out rapid fire beats that old Abaddon could only dream about. Tracks like “How Many Can Die”, “Come To Me” and “Nine” blaze past like the Devil’s chasing them with a pitchfork. Basic but effective stuff, with Demolition Man snarling like an old man whose lawn has been vandalized.

Some tracks are a bit more advanced in songwriting. “Tyrant” is a special favorite, hitting some quite majestic riffs in its second half, while “Don’t Feed Me Your Lies” and “Burn, Liar, Burn” throw in some moodier, slower bits but also hit high speed as well. The real anomaly is “The Danse Macabre”, which is a bluesy grind. “Inferno” is mid-paced and more straight metal than blackened thrash. Even on the slower tracks, the lead guitar of Mantas sizzles and the veteran guitarist has never sounded better.

A very satisfying album from guys who have been around the block and then some. Ignore the dull cover and dive into this one headfirst.